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Hi everyone! My name is Claire and I just created a new group for everyone to talk about how to look fabulous. I recently lost 60 pounds in 5 months through a fabulous new diet I created that everyone woman is capable of following whether she is a college student, a working siren, or a stay at home domestic goddess. I currently live in San Francisco and am in my early 20's enjoying my new body and living the life. Cooking, fashion, and living a healthy and fabulous life are my passions that I would to share. I want to help others become just as healthy and look fabulous through my easy ideas. Through my blog, everyone can see my daily lifestyle, and I can help others through quesitons and food journals. Never once did I deprive myself, or starve. I am all for eating satisfying and gourmet meals, with a few satisfying snacks throughout the day.

Increase your *Metabolic Rate* Very important to a fabulous weightloss

Posted By cherr on Nov 10, 2007 at 6:25PM

In order to lose weight your metabolic rate must increase. There are 4 important ways to do so!
1) Eating your meals every three hours is very important! Eating so that you are not stuffed but satisfied for 2 hours, so that the third hour your body starts to naturally eat away at the fat. To survive the last hour, your body eats away at the fat.

2) Controling portions is important. Never eat to feel stuffed, and that u need to unbutton ur pants and ur stomach feels too expanded. Eat so that you never feel hungry. You are constantly happy and feel energized. So your energy never fluctuates, and u get ravenous and binge, thus damaging your metabolic rate.

3) Eat nutritionally complete foods. That is not all carbs, or all fruit, or all vegetables, or all protein like the atkins. The diet should consist of foods that speed up your digestive system and your metabolism. When I ate all raw foods I would feel energy after 2 apples, but then feel very tired from all the sugar. I needed some form of fat.

4) Organic food is important because you avoid the poisons that shortedn your life. The right foods are PROTEIN, FAT, VEGETABLES, AND FRUITS. The wrong ones are rice, wheat and corn.

So basically you just need to eat every three hours of normal portions of the right kinds of organically grown foods!

Good meals are 4-5 ounces of lean protein such as chicken, turkey, lean meats, egg whites, and tofu. With 8 ounces of any type of yummy vegetable roasted, sauteed, or steamed to perfection!

And snacks are almond butter on toasted hemp bread(soo delicious and better than wheat...it is sprouted bread) or you can have the most DELICIOUS bars called Think Thin which taste like brownies/cookies/reeces peanut butter cups! soo good
Or Kashi Go lean bars! I cut them in half also as a normal portion.

My Fabulous Story

Posted By cherr on Nov 10, 2007 at 12:24PM

I didnt always have the best body image. I was in college, and not only gained the freshman 15, but the freshman 60 pretty much! I think the late night drive throughs after the keg parties with my girlfriends took a major toll on my body and self image. I was using food for comfort, as a means of dieting, a social activity, a way to gain control over my life, and hurt myself. As much as I loved eating and food, It was killing my body and the way I lived my life. I think I had pretty much tried every diet out there in the world whether alone in my room, or as a group experiemtn with a few of my friends. Once I failed at the atkins, aloe juice diet, grapefruit diet, 1 meal a day diet, all vegetable diet, all diet coke diet, phentermine diet, and raw food diet, I always ended with a large bagel binge. I was able to eat 2 bagels in one sitting from einsteins before class alone and upset and ashamed at myself. I would then finish the cycle with sitting alone in front of a dominos pizza box, or eggo waffles consoling myself sick. All the while wondering why I was feeling depressed, and fat and ugly. Because I couldnt control myself or my body, I felt as if life was moving so fast and I couldnt control my own life. I was not enjoying most of the activites a normal college student should such as drinnking because I was always on a diet, or meeting boys. I was always looking in the future because that was when I would be hapy and comfortable in my skin. I desperately wanted to live in a time where I enjoyed living in the moment and was absolutely happy with my body to the point of never thinking about having to change anything or stop of finish a binge cycle. Different points in my college life were makred in my mind at what weight as was at in different pictures. I wished for the day when my life and weight was constant and not fluctuating. It wasnt until last June that I seriously ended my last cycle. I said GOODBYE to diets forver and really took the time to decide I needed a lifestyle change. I had always loved to cook, and I plan to go to culinary school next year, and started playing with different recipes. I knew from the past that my life was always an extreme, EITHER/OR...I was either on an extreme diet or off the diet and binging excessively. I had to learn that a fabulous life is one that is balanced and easy. I was talking everything to seriously. I painted a mental picture in my mind of the life and body I always wanted and have never stopped imagining it. I truely believe that positive thinking brings an easier and positive life. Because I am so happy I would like to share more of my life/story and help others feel great and in the same rut I was in. I can seriously help, and would love to bring balance, fabulousness, and healthy guidance into your life. Ill start adding great recipes, and write what I eat everyday! And what better time to start...I love the fall...and great seasonal haute soups and stews! All of the flavors comfort me soo much more than what I thought a bagel did for me!